Financial Aid Opportunities


Having trouble navigating the Free Application for Federal Student Aid? East Mississippi Community College is here to help. Sign up today to receive personalized one-on-one assistance to start and complete your FAFSA. Simply select the date and time that works best for you and one of our knowledgeable financial aid staff members will walk you through the application.

Financial Aid


During the summer semester an additional Pell Grant is available to students who would like to accelerate their degree and enroll in at least 6 hours. Students can be eligible for additional Pell even though they may have received all their regular Pell during the previous fall and spring semesters. Call our Lion Central offices at GT 662.243.1920 or Scooba 662.476.5079 to learn more.


East Mississippi Community College believes that qualified students should not be denied an education because of financial need. To meet this commitment, EMCC offers assistance to students from a number of financial aid programs -- including scholarships, grants, loans and campus employment.

Information and application materials are available on this website in addition to the following locations: 
Golden Triangle campus
East Mississippi Community College
Financial Aid Office/Administration Bldg.
8731 S. Frontage Road
Mayhew, MS 39753​
Scooba campus
East Mississippi Community College
Financial Aid Office/Hawkins Vo-tech Center
1512 Kemper Street 
Scooba, MS 39358​

The financial aid award process

The financial aid award process at EMCC begins each year on April 1 for the following school year, which begins in mid-August. As student applications are completed, awards are made on a “first-in, first-out” basis. We encourage students to make application as soon as possible after Jan. 1 of each year.  Funds are limited in some programs; the earlier students apply, the better the chance students will receive funds from programs for which they are eligible.  



Learn how to apply for financial aid for East Mississippi Community College.


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